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Fudan University attached to the quality of education activities in Shanghai are held

Date:2016-1-30 15:41

On the morning of January 18, 2016, nearly 100 teachers and students from Shanghai Fudan High School came to Shanghai Vegetable Science and Technology Park, and carried out extracurricular quality education activities with balcony vegetable cultivation as the main learning content.

Teachers and students first visited the new varieties of vegetables display hall, to understand the current suitable for planting on the balcony of the types of vegetables, especially for small tomatoes and some health care function of vegetables have a keen interest, kind of company researchers on everyone Interested cherry tomatoes, red okra and hypoglycemic pepper and other characteristics of vegetable varieties were explained, focusing on the different varieties of nutritional value, health functions and planting methods.

We hear relish, have asked personally hands-on practice. Sun Xiumei, deputy general manager of Shanghai, led the students came to the seedling breeding factory, the students rolled up sleeves, soil, digging, planting, transplanting, watering, busy enjoying themselves. In the course of practice, the students continue to ask the staff, are hoping to grow vegetables, and look forward to harvest the fruits of labor. Finally, the students with their own fruits of labor and full of laughter posed for pictures, to commemorate this happy time.

This event is rich in practicality, greatly improving the students 'practical ability, at the same time, is the intimate contact of agriculture, but also deepened the students' understanding of agricultural knowledge. Led the teacher said that I hope again after the organization of students to Shanghai are organized extracurricular quality practice education activities.

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