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2016 annual "seed travel" work promotion meeting and balcony green planting training meeting will be held in Shanghai

Date:2016-1-31 15:43

"Seed travel" is sponsored by the Pudong New Area Women's Federation, Shanghai species are hosted by the balcony of small garden planting activities, that is, the use of pots, small appliances for micro-farming, "sow a seed, harvest a happy" for the purpose, So that residents at the same time, but also for their own table add some pollution-free vegetables, so that "low-carbon life, green balcony" concept enjoys popular support.

The meeting was chaired by Zhou Yu, Vice Minister of the Women's Development Department of the Women's Federation of Women in the New District, and the Chairman of the Women's Federation of Cao Luzhen and Huamu Street, respectively, exchanged speeches. Zhang Lihua, Minister of Women's Development of the New District Women's Federation, gave a detailed summary of the activities and carried out the work in 2016 Zhou Tian, ​​vice chairman of the New District Women's Federation, a high degree of recognition of the street town in the past year's work performance, and thank you for the strong support of the work of the women's Federation, I hope everyone in the new year to achieve success.

After the end of the promotion, held a green planting training platform, Sun Xiumei, deputy general manager of Shanghai, shared with the representatives of women the green planting techniques of seed travel, and introduced the production factors involved in the production of balconies.

After the training, the Shanghai companies have selected pepper, eggplant, vegetables, lettuce, fast food and so on more than ten suitable for the cultivation of new varieties of vegetables, a total of 3,000 bags of vegetable varieties released to the meeting delegates, officially opened the 2016 seed New journey.

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