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Shanghai species are sent to the countryside to send farmers to increase income

Date:2016-1-6 15:46

December 24 morning, 2015 Shanghai Cultural Science and Technology Health "three to the countryside" - "Science and Technology Huinong, science and technology Huimin" theme activities in Fengxian District Jinhui Town Community Cultural Activity Center started, Shanghai species are seed industry limited technology The company participated in the launching ceremony and present the local farmers worth 60,000 yuan of vegetable varieties.

In order to better spread the knowledge of agricultural science and technology, the same day, Shanghai species are carrying varieties of cultivation techniques, variety introduction special issue, tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, cowpea, lettuce, cabbage, radish, small vegetables and so on more than ten kinds of market Best-selling vegetables. Before the booth, hundreds of villagers will be surrounded by scientific and technological personnel are packed, consult the characteristics of varieties, prices, cultivation techniques and other related issues. "Green Tsui", "Green Olympics" and other special high temperature of the small vegetables, thin, crisp "thin brittle king" pepper and other new varieties are all competing to obtain, more than ten boxes of vegetable varieties and technical information quickly Peasant masses "robbed and light".

The activities, the Shanghai species are issued more than 10,000 copies of technical information, more than 5,000 bags of vegetables, more than 500 technical advice to answer the consultation, by the local farmers praise.

The promotion and application of new varieties and new technologies will effectively improve the scientific and technological awareness of farmers and the level of science and technology of agricultural production, promote rural economic development and social stability, lay a solid foundation for the enhancement of agricultural efficiency, farmers' income and agricultural competitiveness.

Local farmers competing to obtain species of high quality seeds

Shanghai species are sending technical information

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